Benefits of CBD

Posted by Hempsi on 10th Mar 2021

Benefits of CBD

What Are the Benefits of CBD? CBD for Stress

CBD is a natural plant-based product that can help with well-being and stress management in a non-intoxicating, easy to use way. It has quickly risen to fame because of its benefits for your body and mind!

CBD is a compound that's been used for centuries, but only recently has it been considered medicinal. We know there are tons of information out there about CBD and its benefits in everything from real-person testimonials to scientific research papers. 

We know you're super excited to learn more about the benefits of taking CBD. As a manufacturer, however, we have some limitations when it comes to discussing the specifics of our products with consumers outside our company - mainly because they're just not FDA approved yet!

What CBD Companies Can Say & FDA Regulations on CBD

The US Food and Drug Administration prohibits all manufacturers of CBD products from making any claims about their ability to treat specific health conditions. The lengthy clinical trial period is still in process because it is a relatively new product on the market.

We wish we could say more because we’re incredibly proud of our CBD products and what we do. We hear stories from people all over the country who tell us how our products have changed their lives, helping them feel better.

Benefits of CBD Oils, CBD Topicals, CBD Edibles & More - Overall Health Benefits of CBD

Having said that, this is why you need to get your hands on our line of CBD products. Whether you want to improve health as a whole or target one specific aspect that needs more attention, we have a product for you. Our line of CBD oil, edibles, live resin CBD vapes, topicals and more are designed to help each individual find the road towards wellness, and they offer different benefits depending on what type of person you are.

CBD oil is hemp-derived and has a high bioavailability that allows your body to absorb it quickly. Hempsi CBD oils are designed for better absorption, taste, and texture.

CBD edibles: It’s easy to know your milligrams by simply adding up gummies!

CBD topicals: Soothing blends of cannabinoids and carefully-selected botanicals for on-the-spot support.

Live Resin CBD: pure and great tasting way to consume CBD in a tincture.

CBD capsules: CBD softgels and CBD capsules are made to fit seamlessly into your daily wellness routine.

CBD coffee & tea: Combine the delicious flavor and comforting properties of your favorite daily beverages with the power of CBD.

CBD for pets: You and your pet are both mammals! You have the same set of endocannabinoid receptors that respond to CBD.

So many great ways to consume CBD as a part of your wellness routine like drinking your tea and taking your vitamins doing the best to take care of yourself.

As a science driven company, we make compliance with regulations one of our top priorities. With the FDA overseeing the CBD market, you can be confident our high-quality CBD products will stand out from lower-quality alternatives.

Good news! CBD is finally getting the attention it deserves. Until the FDA approves clinical trials and lets us freely share the benefits of CBD here on our site, we encourage you to look online at the considerable CBD information available. Once you've done your due diligence come join the thousands of loyal customers and just give Hempsi a try!