Why Hempsi Live Oil Vapes are the Pinnacle of the Hemp Vaping Experience.

In both Hemp and Marijuana markets, vaping has become one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. This unique format offers the benefits of smoking while avoiding many of the drawbacks that come with combustion. It is no wonder then that vape cartridges have achieved such an esteemed place in the eyes of consumers. In the connoisseur driven market of the marijuana industry; flavor, cannabinoid potency and aesthetic appearance of the vape oil are supported by an emphasis on optimal function of the cartridge to deliver the best possible experience. In the hemp industry, vape quality has by and large lagged behind. An over emphasis on particular aspects of the experience has created a market where consumers often have to choose between potency, flavor, and function in their cartridges. Stability problems are rampant, and those cartridges that have achieved proper function too often sacrifice potency, flavor or both. Hempsi Live Oil vape cartridges bring the quality of marijuana cartridges to the hemp market, offering unmatched natural cannabis flavor while leveraging the power of the entourage effect to create a truly superior hemp vaping experience.

Hempsi Live Oil vape cartridges get their premium flavor from fresh frozen hemp terpenes. In this special process, hemp strains are selected for their remarkable aroma and flavor (terpenes). Unlike most hemp grow operations, these plants are cared for in such a way as to optimize their quality. This is in contrast to the quantity orientation typical of the hemp industry. These plants are carefully harvested at maturity and immediately frozen. This process prevents the evaporation and degradation of the terpenes found naturally in the plant. By freezing the plant, the original flavor and aroma is preserved.

Next, the fresh frozen plant material is subjected to extraction. The resulting premium hemp oil undergoes terpene capture, a technique that separates the flavor and aroma compounds from the oil. The oil is then decarboxylated for maximum potency and stability, and remediated as necessary to ensure federal compliance. The fresh frozen terpenes are then added back to the cannabis oil and the oil put in a vape cartridge, resulting in a quality of flavor unparalleled in the hemp market and rarely achieved in the marijuana industry.

Unlike most other hemp vapes, the cannabinoids present in Hempsi Live Oil vape cartridges are not limited to CBD. The special care in selecting hemp strains and nurturing the plants during their growth period yields a high potency oil that is also rich in minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and CBC. These “minors” create the entourage effect in our oil, lending an authentic “cannabis experience” to our vapes. Consumers can expect to feel an elevated mood and sense of relaxation and appreciation from our vapes, without the intoxicating effect of THC.

The superior quality of Hempsi Live Oil with fresh frozen terpenes also dramatically improves the stability of the product. Typically, vapes crystalize when the CBD content in the oil approaches 50%. What begins as shards floating around in the vape oil ends in a completely solidified vape cartridge. Once solid, the vape oil will no longer wick properly and cannot be vaped until it is melted. This occurs at approximately 120 degrees fahrenheit. While it is possible to continue using a cartridge after re-melting, it is terribly inconvenient to have to heat a cartridge prior to use. The need for a source of high heat renders these vape cartridges

the secret is in the freezing

difficult to use, essentially useless outside the home. The fresh frozen terpenes and high percentage of minor cannabinoids in Hempsi Live Oil vape cartridges eliminates this problem. Interactions between flavor and aroma compounds in the fresh frozen terpenes and the high percentage of minor cannabinoids interfere with the crystal structure of CBD. This means that the vape oil stays liquid throughout a broad range of temperatures, permitting vaping at any time. When Hempsi Live Oil does “solidify”, it does so as a glass rather than a crystal. This means that no real melting is required to thin the material out enough to wick. Heat from the act of vaping is enough to allow the material to flow properly through the device. Even the body heat from carrying one of our vapes in your pocket is enough to “liquify” the oil. Occasional CBD shards may form in older cartridges, but the material will not fully crystalize. Suspended crystals will not impair the wicking of the oil, and those that may occasionally appear will be far easier to melt than is typically the case in hemp vape cartridges.

Unlike other hemp vapes on the market, Hempsi Live Oil vapes contain only naturally occurring cannabis compounds extracted right from the plant. Optimum cannabinoid profile and potency, the best terpenes mother nature has to offer, and the best cartridges available to deliver the oil result in flavor and effect that has no parallel. No artificial flavors, no artificial solvents and no crystallization, it truly is a cut above the rest. Experience what hemp vaping is meant to be, try Hempsi Live Oil vape cartridges.