Hempsi utilizes a low-temp and low-pressure proprietary hydrocarbon extraction process to create Hempsi extracts. Our state-of-the-art, custom-built equipment managed by our highly-trained lab technicians, provide our clients high-grade, safe extracts.
CBD Concentration

Our products are prepared for sale for a variety of uses and therefore CBD concentration varies. Hempsi CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD with no THC, while others CBD products have a concentration range between 10%-99%.
In-Depth Analysis

Every batch of our extract is examined by Oregon-licensed, third-party laboratories for strict testing. COAs are available for every order. No hemp containing pesticides, heavy metals, microbial elements, or any other possible contaminant is ever used to make our CBD products.

Best manufacturing procedures.

Our CBD products are made from 100% organically grown hemp, extracted, manufactured, and tested in the U.S.We are devoted to quality in every step, from the strains we choose to grow to the bottles we use to package extract. And nothing demonstrates this more than our extraction process, designed to capture every drop of beneficial compounds from the trichomes on the hemp flower.In order to ensure the best output, we adhere to the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. We go far beyond the minimum to ensure our equipment and facility introduce no contaminates.Batch Numbering SystemEvery batch is sent to be analyzed and tested by third-party labs in Oregon to exceed industry standards and customer expectations. All of our customers have access to their batch number, and the corresponding COA.While American CBD manufacturers are not currently required by law to perform third-party audits, we strive to go above and beyond when it comes to safety, quality, and the trust of our customers.