3000mg Organic CBD Broad Spectrum (THC Free) Tincture

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Hempsi™ Organic 3000mg

Premium organic, high CBD, hemp oil extract:

– 3000mg total CBD

– 2-ounce bottle

– 60 Servings

– 50mg CBD per serving

– Natural flavor

– Our high CBD hemp is exclusively grown for Hempsi™

– Made from USDA certified organic whole flower

– Hand-harvested, flash-frozen, and cold extracted

– 3rd party tested. See full panel COA below

– 0.0% THC 

No Additives | 100% Natural!

“Smell, Taste and Experience the Hempsi™ LIVE OIL™ Difference.”

DUE to the massive discount on the 3000mg and 6000mg tincture bottles, NO REFUNDS are offered on these two sizes. If you have not yet tried Hempsi LIVE OIL, we recommend trying the 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg tinctures before ordering the 3000mg or 6000mg bottles. Thank you.