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CBN oil may be beneficial for your health. It has the perfect combination of effects that are not only great for overall health, but also for sleep issues. CBN has the potential to improve your sleep quality with its sedative effects. Additionally, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects may have the potential to relieve pain and inflammation that make it hard for you to sleep. You’ll love waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after taking CBN oil from Hempsi. Our team perfected our proprietary formula to specifically help sleep cycles, in order to give you the deepest rest possible. With Hempsi, you can feel confident you are choosing a safe, holistic CBN oil that really works. 

Before you buy CBN oil online, consider some important factors. While CBN has no known side effects, there is always the potential for them to occur. Always be sure to take the correct dosage of CBN each time you use it. You can check out a CBN dosage chart to find the proper CBN dosage for your unique body chemistry. 

At Hempsi, we craft our CBN oil using a master extraction process. Our hemp is grown in rich volcanic soil near the fertile banks of Oregon’s Deschutes River. We maximize our hemp products’ terpene and cannabinoid content by only using gentle processes. At harvest time, we gently hand-pick and flash freeze our hemp flower at -200°F to preserve its biological compounds. The result is a more potent, effective product that you will love. As leading the leading industry experts of growing, harvesting, and processing our hemp, we create a premium cannabinoid product. Trust us to provide you with a full-spectrum CBN oil that really works. 

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CBN is generally well tolerated, but it can produce side effects. Headache and fatigue are the most common, though still rare.