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Hempsi's wholesale program has exceeded all my expectations. The product quality is outstanding and the customer service is exceptional. They really make you feel like a partner, not just a customer. I highly recommend them!

James P.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been using Hempsi for our shop's CBD supply for over a year now, and I’m continually impressed by the consistency and potency of their products. Their pricing is fair, and their team is always ready to assist with any questions.

Maria V.
New York, NY

As a retailer, it's crucial to have suppliers you can rely on. Hempsi’s wholesale program provides not just top-notch CBD products but also excellent support and reliable delivery times. They really help make my business run smoothly.

Ethan K.
Portland, OR

Switching to Hempsi for our CBD needs was one of the best decisions we've made. Their full-spectrum oils are a hit with our customers, and the sales support we receive is truly second to none.

Sophie T.
Boca Raton, FL

I was new to the CBD market and needed a lot of guidance. The team at Hempsi was incredibly helpful, providing all the information and support I needed to get started. Their products are of the highest quality, and my customers love them!

Liam G.
Miami, FL

CBD Wholesale

At Hempsi™, our dedication to hemp science and innovation transcends mere business—it's a passion for the craft. Located just north of Portland, Oregon, we draw upon our rich history in the cannabis industry, dating back to 2014, to provide you with CBD products of unmatched quality and efficacy. Our approach is rooted in a profound commitment to natural methods and organic farming, ensuring every product we offer embodies purity and sustainability.

Why Choose Hempsi™ for Your CBD Wholesale Needs?

1. Premium Quality from Seed to Shelf: Hempsi™ takes pride in a cultivation process that starts from the seed and ends in the final product. Each hemp plant is grown organically under the watchful eyes of our experienced farmers, ensuring that only the best practices are used. Our unique polar hydrocarbon extraction method captures the essence of freshly frozen hemp flowers, preserving the potent and beneficial cannabinoids that set our products apart.

2. Revolutionary Fresh Frozen Live Oil: Our pioneering Fresh Frozen Live Oil represents a breakthrough in CBD extraction. By freezing our hemp flowers at -200°F within two hours of harvesting, we lock in the plant’s natural properties, resulting in a live resin oil that is as effective as it is pure. This method not only preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but also enhances the overall efficacy of our products.

3. Full-Spectrum CBD for Enhanced Effectiveness: The full-spectrum CBD live resin oil we produce is among the most concentrated and effective on the market. Our oil includes a complete profile of beneficial cannabinoids, which work together to produce a more significant entourage effect. This synergy promotes better balance, recovery, and overall wellness, allowing your customers to truly feel the difference.

4. Commitment to Environmental Health: At Hempsi™, we believe that our health is deeply connected to the health of our environment. Our sustainable farming and production methods reflect this belief, ensuring that our impact on the planet is as minimal as possible. This commitment extends through our entire process, from the way we grow our hemp to how we extract and package our products.

5. Tailored CBD Wholesale Support: Choosing Hempsi™ as your wholesale CBD provider means partnering with a team that's dedicated to your success. Our wholesale support goes beyond just supplying products; we provide detailed product information, marketing support, and personalized service to ensure that our partnership is fruitful and long-lasting.

6. Competitive Wholesale Rates: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in CBD wholesale purchasing. Hempsi™ offers competitive rates without compromising on quality, allowing you to pass on savings to your customers while maintaining a robust profit margin.

Partner with Hempsi™: A Pioneer in CBD Innovation

By partnering with Hempsi™, you're not just buying CBD products; you're investing in a premium brand that is dedicated to advancing the science of hemp. Our innovative processes and steadfast commitment to quality have made us a leader in the CBD industry. Whether you're looking to enrich your current product line or start a new venture in the world of CBD, Hempsi™ is here to help you succeed.

Are you ready to elevate your offerings with some of the most refined CBD products available? Contact Hempsi™ today to learn more about our CBD wholesale opportunities and how we can help grow your business with science-backed, customer-approved CBD products.

Flexible Payment Methods

We accept payments via debit and credit cards, along with versatile installment options.

Dedicated Wholesale Customer Service Team

Our dynamic and attentive wholesale team is always ready to assist with any of your needs.

Inventory You Can Trust

We ensure that every batch of our CBD products is rigorously third-party lab tested.