CBN Oil Wholesale

The purest organic CBN oil is available for wholesale purchase from Hempsi. CBN oil has powerful sedative properties that may have the potential to improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation. Buy bulk CBN oil from Hempsi and offer your customers a CBN product that really works.

So why should you sell CBN oil to your customers? CBN, short for Cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that promotes sedative effects that can improve sleep quality. CBN oil has analgesic effects that can alleviate your uncomfortable symptoms and help you drift off to sleep. Experience a deep, restful sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Specifically designed to help sleep cycles, our team has perfected our proprietary CBN oil formula to give you the deepest rest possible.

Hempsi has the most effective CBN oil formula. We combined CBN with CBG and Bisabolol to  create a powerful trio that will help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Specifically designed to help sleep cycles, our team has perfected our proprietary CBN formula to give you the deepest rest possible. With Hempsi, you can feel confident you are choosing a natural, holistic CBN oil crafted with your wellness in mind. Our selection of CBN oils will make falling asleep a breeze.

Why buy wholesale CBN oil from Hempsi? From seed to shelf, we’ve mastered the entire production process of our bulk CBN products. Our hemp is grown near the fertile banks of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. Not only does our hemp grow in rich volcanic soil, but its location halfway between the North Pole and Equator creates prime growing conditions. By the time it’s ready for harvest, our organic hemp flower is bursting with juicy terpenes and potent cannabinoids. While other companies harvest hemp using heavy machinery, we gently hand-pick ours to ensure the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Furthermore, we flash-freeze our hemp flower at -200°F within two hours of harvesting. The result is a potent full-spectrum CBN oil that will impress you with its powerful benefits for sleep.

Ready to buy bulk CBN Oil? Buy Hempsi’s CBN oil and experience a high-quality cannabinoid product that really works. You can trust that our lab-tested CBN oil is safe and compliant. As a result of our proprietary methods, our CBN oil is virtually indistinguishable from high-end medical cannabis. Perfect for people who want to improve their sleep quality, our CBN oil is crafted specifically with our customers’ health and wellness in mind.

Bisabolol plays only a minor role in the sleep formula for its anti-inflammatory properties. We should call attention to a heavier hitting ingredient like CBD. If we want to call attention to terpenes, cedrol is more accurate.

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