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White Label Products

Interested in starting a CBD retail business? With a minimum order of 100 units, Hempsi can help.

In addition to wholesale cannabinoid products in bulk, Hempsi can also supply finished CBD goods in convenient starter kits, or mix-and-match. Our product catalog is updated frequently, so please contact us directly for options, pricing and special offers.


Minimum total order of 100 units

  • Tinctures – various sizes, strengths, CBD types, flavors, etc.
    o   Tincture Starter Packs available
  • Skincare in various sizes, CBD types/strengths, aromas, etc. including:
    o   Hemp body lotion
    o   Facial Moisturizer
    o   Charcoal face mask
    o   Massage oil
    o   Muscle gel
    o   Skincare Starter Packs available
  • Capsules – various strengths and CBD types, gel and dry


Need a tincture with custom formulation blend or milligram potency? Want to target a certain demographic, medical condition or market type? No problem.

With a commitment to 1000 units or more, we can collaborate on the development of your own custom products. Choose from many different options including oil type, strength, flavors and more. Our highly experienced lab technicians will not only custom-blend your formulation, but provide consulting advice along the way.

As an example, for our Hempsi tinctures, the steps outlined below will lead us to your ideal consumer-ready tincture products:

1) Choose a CBD Oil compound makeup

  • Full-Spectrum Oil
  • Broad-Spectrum Zero THC Distillate
  • CBD Isolate
  • Water-Soluble Broad-Spectrum powder

2) Choose a strength

De​termine the CBD milligram per milliliter concentration of your tincture. Based on a 30mL liquid bottle, choose any concentration between 100 mg and 5000 mg of active CBD.

3) Choose a carrier oil & flavor

Many oils, both unflavored and flavored, work well as carriers for CBD extract. Examples include coconut oil (both regular and MCT,) olive oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil and more. Natural flavors can also be added as you prefer.

4) Choose your size(s)

Pick from 15 mL, 30 mL (1 oz) and 60 mL (2 oz) bottles.

Amber is our standard bottle color. Cobalt blue or green bottles available for monthly supply volume contract customers. A standard glass pipette dropper, with a shrink band seal, is our standard closure. Child-resistant, spray pump assembly or metered pipettes are available for custom orders.


To assist on your journey, here are some common questions and information we’re asked about selling CBD. Contact us for more advice!


Laws vary from state to state, so we recommend hiring legal counsel to ensure compliance. But in general, the FDA states:
o   The product must not have disease-curing claims on labels or websites
o   The product must not be marketed as a food or dietary supplement
o   Some states require QR codes on boxes/labels to drive consumers to COAs
o   See Indiana’s law as an example of stringent labeling requirements, which go beyond COA and include batch identification number, batch date, expiration date, and more.


As CBD products are a new industry, pricing varies widely. Generally, a higher concentration (milligrams) in a product leads to a higher retail price. We recommend researching competitors in your area to get an idea of the current market price.


Remember when marketing CBD to never make disease-curing claims. It also can’t be sold in jurisdictions where it is banned; some states have limited sales until the FDA publishes guidelines. There are also restrictions on major digital advertising platforms, including Google and Facebook/Instagram. However many publishers, including select websites (including programmatic buying), direct mail, print and some radio/broadcast have agreed to accept advertising.


We recommend utilizing a graphic designer to make a logo for your CBD company, and layouts for packaging and labels. Hempsi can provide standard label layouts for designers. Be sure when naming your company, that the web site address (URL) is available to purchase!

Hempsi Live Oil
LIVE OIL™ is extracted from flash-frozen flower for the highest-quality and most potent cannabinoid concentrate on the market.
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Hemp-derived CBD with high cannabinoid & terpene retention.
CBD Distillate
Purified broad-spectrum oil, distilled to remove terpenes, fats & lipids.
Water Soluble CBD
Using nanoemulsion, CBD oil is rendered soluble for beverages.
CBD Isolate
CBD molecule isolated from other compounds, delivered in a fine crystalline powder form.

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We deliver the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids, with outstanding service to our customers.

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